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Basketball Court Repair & Striping

CAS has over 50 years of color coating, striping  and tennis court crack repair!

CAS specializes in helping schools and communities maintain safe playgrounds and recreation areas.  Basketball and tennis court striping is also one of our many talents.  We can repair damaged areas, re-stripe courts, fill cracks and provide full service color coating. 

The most common problem with asphalt tennis courts is cracking!  Asphalt has a tendency to shrink from exposure to the sun and other elements that break down surface areas over time, but the CAS team has a crack repair system that has worked for decades. We will do what is necessary to revitalize your asphalt courts and recreation areas to make them attractive and safe again.  Very few companies truly understand how to repair sports surfaces the right way, and customers find their cracks reappear in a weeks time.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best!  We have been repairing, color coating and crack filling courts for over 40 years.  Aside from repairing cracks and damage, we also offer tennis court pressure cleaning services. See our tennis court cleaning service page for more information.

The types of surfaces that we can repair are:

  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Backyard Courts and more…

Tennis Court Crack Repair

Tennis court and basketball court crack repairs can be a serious issue that puts children in danger.  Here at CAS, we want to help make your playgrounds and courts safe again.  To ensure your play areas stay safe, we only use the best crack filling products.


CAS uses products from SportMaster Sport Surfaces for resurfacing and sealing courts.  The SportMaster products are 100% acrylic resin that will resist damage from the Sun’s UV rays and other elements; which means fewer tennis court repair costs!  This will ensure a long lasting finish to help protect the the surface.  Best of all, there are over a dozen fade-resistant colors to choose from!  SportMaster’s standard resurfacing expectations are every 5-8 years.  Your durability is determined by sun exposure, drainage performance, tree root interference etc.

Regardless what kind of damage has occurred on your tennis court or playground, we would be happy to inspect the area and provide a free estimate for any maintenance or repairs that are needed.  We service most areas in Northeast Ohio.  You can reach us at 330-644-8656.  We hope to hear from you soon!