Tennis Court Pressure Cleaning by CAS

tennis court cleaning services estimatePressure washing your tennis court surface is extremely importing to keeping it looking good and free of debris.  Elements like dirt, algae and mold can lead to a very slick surface.  Our pressure washers can even remove those stubborn pieces of gum stuck to the court.  Tennis is more fun when your shoes aren’t slipping and sliding all over the court.  That’s where we come in…we will use our high pressure cleaners to remove all the dirt and grime so your playing surface is clean and attractive again.

CAS tennis court pressure cleaning services are affordable and we are happy to offer cleaning services to both residential and commercial playground areas.  Whether you just need a simple pressure wash or a detailed cleaning service, CAS will help.  A dirty tennis court surface can be dangerous, but even more so if it is cracked or uneven.

If your tennis courts, basketball courts or playground surfaces are starting to look their age, consider letting CAS come inspect the area and provide a free quote on what is necessary to fully revitalize your tennis courts.  We are a full service, one stop shop.  Aside from our pressure washing service, we also offer:

 tennis-court-power-spraying tennis court striping and color coating